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 Some of the most recent


"" Bob, you did an amazing job. The monogram in laser was wonderful !
I will recommend you to all of my friends !

Magnolia Grace Estate,  Leonard


" Bob, you were great tonight. Thank you for everything ! "

Hidden Jewel,  Blue Ridge


" Bob, you are really amazing. Your voice, and experience
made this a wonderful day ! "   Thank you

Avalon Legacy Ranch,  McKinney


" DJ Bob, you did an awesome job. You are the best ! "

The Grove,  Aubrey


" Your made our dream come true. Your cost of only 450,
gave us an opportunity, to have a fantastic night, with the best. "

Cross Timbers,  Grapevine


" I've learned that when you want the best, contact DJ Bob ! "

The Anatole,  Downtown Dallas



"  DJ Bob,  DJ Bob,  DJ Bob,
When you want the best, get DJ Bob ! "

Frisco Conference Center



" Thank you Bob, you are great, and thank you for sharing our wedding ! "

 The Rosemary Barn



" Thank you Bob, for being here. We knew that we got the best ! "

 The Lodge, Denton



" The perfect night, with the perfect DJ !!! "

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" This is the night, that we will always remember. Thank you Bob. "

The Springs, Stone Hall,  McKinney


" DJ Bob, you made this night perfect, absolutely perfect.
All of our friends, want to book you for their weddings ! "

The Rosemary Barn,  McKinney


" Bob, I understand why The Knot chose you as the best.
You made our evening wonderful, thank you ! "

Reunion Tower,   Dallas


" Our wedding ceremony, and reception was amazing do to your music.
Thank you so much ! "

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" Wow Bob, you made this night fantastic.
Both of our club rooms were rocking in the New Year !! "

Messina Hof Winery,  Grapevine



" DJ Bob, we hit the Jackpot when we got you.
You did a fantastic job, thank you thank you ! "

Rusty Barn,  Celina


" Bob, you made our evening more special then ever.
You are the best, and we appreciate you."

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" When I was told to get DJ Bob, I realized that he must be good.
After tonight, I agree, Bob is the best."

The Springs, McKinney


" When you get DJ Bob, you not only get a friend,
but a professional, who knows his stuff, and a great organizer ! "

Cross Timbers,  Grapevine


" DJ Bob, our company party, has never been more alive, until you arrived.
Everyone felt welcomed, and eager to participate in the fun, and music.
Bob, you are amazing, and we will continue to book you. "

Tanglewood Resort,  Lake Texoma


" How many people can say, that they had a Grammy nominated DJ for their wedding ?
We can, and DJ Bob was terrific ! "

The Anatole,  Downtown Dallas


" DJ Bob Noell, you were so good,
that we wanted to take you with us. You did an Awesome job. Thank you ! "

Old Red Courthouse,  Downtown Dallas


" Bob, when we knew that you were part of the USO, and loved our country,
we just had to have you, and share our evening. "

Market Hall,  Downtown Dallas


" Bob, you are every bit, and even more, as good as they say.
We will be booking more of our parties with you. Thank you ! "

Reunion Tower,  Downtown Dallas


" DJ Bob, I can't imagine a more wonderful night than ours.
You played our music, just as we wanted, and announced everything needed.
Thank you so much, we will refer you to all of our friends. "

Tuscany Hill,  McKinney


" Bob, you rock ! You know how to make everyone relaxed,
so they want to dance all night long. Our company parties
will include you from now on. You've got that magical touch ! "

Anatole,  Downtown Dallas


" Thank you Bob. Your lighting, music, and that wonderful voice,
made our wedding amazing. Thank you so very much. "

First Methodist Church,  Trenton


" Thank you Bob, in helping this to be a perfect evening.
We are blessed to have you with us. "

Tuscany Hill,  McKinney


"DJ Bob, you made our company party awesome.
We will have you from now on !

Billy Bob's,  Ft. Worth


" Bob, you are worth many times more, and definitely much better
than any other DJ we ever had. We are keeping you, "

Anatole,  Downtown Dallas


" DJ Bob, I want to thank you for a very, and I do mean a very,
good job tonight. We all had a great time ! "

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" Bob, I just want to thank you for helping to make this
the best night of our lives ! You did a great job ! "

Myers Center,  McKinney


" Bob, you made our evening the best ever !
Thank you so much for sharing it with us. "

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" Our wedding day, could not be better.
Bob, you have a gift in talent, and caring for your clients.
Bob, you are the best, thank you."

The Springs, McKinney


" We had a wonderful night, and Bob,
you were absolutely perfect ! Thank you so much ! "

The Springs,  McKinney


" Bob, you made our wedding night amazing !
You are a blessing, thank you. "

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" DJ Bob, you are a Superstar !!!
Our reception was Awesome, and way beyond that !!!

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" We had a wonderful time !
We all left that night chanting, Who's Bob, he's our DJ ! "

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" I do know how you can do so much to please everyone,
but you did ! We all had an awesome time, for every minute.
Thank you DJ Bob, I will definitely refer you to our friends ! "

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" Bob, I am so happy that my friends told me about you.
You have a great reputation, and now I know why.
Thank you for a wonderful night ! "

The Grove,  Aubrey


" Thank you DJ Bob. This night was great, because of your special touch.
You are the best ever, thank you. "

Cross Timbers Winery,  Grapevine


" Our evening was awesome !! When I first met you,
I knew that everything would be just fine. Thank you Bob, thank you !!

Rustic Grace Estate,  Van Alstyne


" To be honest Bob, I didn't think anyone would dance.
However; you did such a great job, of having everyone relaxed,
that they wanted to get out on the dance floor, and party !
Your music made a celebration for all ! "

The Springs,  McKinney


" You made an amazing night Bob.
Thank you so much, you are the best, many times over ! "

Circle R Ranch,  Lewisville


" DJ Bob, thank you so much. You are as good as they say.
We were so fortunate to have you share our evening. Thank you so, so, so, much ! "

Anatole,  Downtown Dallas


" Thank you Bob for a wonderful evening.
No one wanted to leave. You know how to mix the music,
so everyone has a great time ! DJ Bob, you are The Man ! "

The Springs,  McKinney


" Bob, I am so glad you were able share in our special day.
Having you as our DJ made the wedding even more memorable ! "

Reunion Tower,  Downtown Dallas


" I hear people say, get Bob, he's the best.
I can say that I definitely agree. Thank you DJ Bob !! "

The Springs,   McKinney


" Bob, just keep on doing, what you do. You made our night magical ! "

Anatole,  Downtown Dallas


" Thank you Bob. You are an expert with your skill !
The night was fantastic ! "

Cross Timbers,   Grapevine


" Thank you DJ Bob. Your music was a great mix, that we all enjoyed.
And Bob, you are great ! "

The Springs,   McKinney


" Thank you for being such a special part of our day !
We couldn't have done it without you ! "

Flour Mill,   McKinney


" Now I understand why people are excited to book you.
You really are that great, at what you do, and everyone
has such a good time, Thank you Bob, you are awesome ! "

The Springs,  McKinney


" DJ Bob, such a fantastic night ! You are the best, and we love you ! "

Anatole,  Downtown Dallas


" Bob, you were amazing, and your Bose sound system was clear,
and the volume was perfect, not loud, just right. Bob, you gave so much
to make sure everyone was pleased, we didn't want you to leave, Thank you again ! "

The Springs,  McKinney


" We always look forward to having you here !  Thank you Bob ! "

Hurricane Creek,  Anna


" Thank you Bob. You have an excellent way, of making an evening special ! "

The Springs,  McKinney


" You always do a great job for us. Thank you Bob ! "

St. Francis Father Daughter Dance,  Grapevine


" Thank you Bob. You did a fantastic job tonight ! "

Rustic Grace,  Van Alstyne

" Thank you DJ Bob. You made a great night happen,
and I received so many compliments from our guests !! "

Frisco Conference Center,  Frisco


" You were awesome tonight, and everyone enjoyed the music, thank you. "

The Windsor,  Carrollton


" Thank you Bob, you're great !
One of my guest will be contacting you to be  their wedding DJ, and MC. "

Rustic Grace,  Van Alstyne


" Thank you Bob. You made our night absolutely perfect !
You did an awesome job, thank you ! "

The Anatole,  Downtown Dallas


" Our Best New Year's Eve Party Ever !
We definitely want our DJ Bob back here for the next one ! "

Messina Hof Winery,  Downtown Grapevine